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Funding Team Based Solutions for Brain Injury

Funding Team Based Solutions for Brain InjuryFunding Team Based Solutions for Brain Injury

About the gala event - 7 November 2020


Fundraising Goal

Partnering with the Rwanda Veterans Association of Canada to raise funds in support of Canadians with Injuries related to the Rwandan Genocide, many of whom have never received treatment for their injuries.  

Guest Speaker

The  Guest  Speaker  is  the  High  Commissioner  of  Rwanda,  His  Excellency  Prosper  Higiro  who  was  a  serving  Member  of  the  Rwandan  Parliament  in  1994 -  1995.


The Event Emcee is Gloria Galloway, Journalism Veteran of Rwanda  who  spent  3  months  in  Rwanda  with  Canadian  Soldiers  in  1994. 

Silent Auction

From 6:00 - 7:00 PM, attendees have the opportunity to participate in a Silent Auction  with exciting gifts from Sponsors


Beginning at 7:00 PM, guests will dine with Veterans and Invited Guests.  


Ottawa Conference and Event Centre,  200 Coventry Road, Ottawa Ontario


The Ottawa Conference and Event Centre is located alongside the Ottawa Marriot Hotel immediately off Highway 417 in Ottawa  

Event Dress

Business Casual (Jacket - Tie Optional)

Canada's veterans of rwanda

On 7 April 1994, Canada’s commitment to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR)  consisted of 2 Personnel including General Dallaire and his assistant.  The mission was supported by Canada’s OPERATION SCOTCH which facilitated an air bridge into Rwanda throughout the turmoil which embroiled the country.  Following 100 days of Genocide Against the Tutsi and Civil War, Canada deployed 3 separate Operations into Rwanda at the request of the United Nations:

•UNSCR 925 – OPERATION LANCE (UNAMIR II) was comprised of 440 Canadian Soldiers to perform Humanitarian Intervention as part of the 5000 member UN Force. 300 Canadians as part of a Tactical Signals Squadron provided Command and Control and Headquarters Staff to the United Nations Headquarters in Kigali and to every remote region of Rwanda.  In addition, Canadian expertise was provided by Canadian personnel to repair Rwanda’s national communications infrastructure; open and repair the Kigali Airport to operations; transport displaced Rwandans; repair national infrastructure; provide medical assistance; perform demining operations; provide security to humanitarian operations; and assist the Rwanda Patriotic Force in the disarming of civilians.  Over 650 Canadians would serve on 2 six monthrotations until the summer of 1995.  

•UNSCR 929 – OPERATION PASSAGE (UNHCR) was a Humanitarian Assistance mission comprised of 250 Canadian Soldiers serving in an Army Field Hospital in Mutura to provide Medical Assistance to more than 22,000 Rwandans; including engineering clean drinking water; security to humanitarian operations; repairing regional infrastructure. The mission would last 60 days until October of 1994.  

•UNSCR 935 – OPERATION FLAGRANT (United Nations) would consist of a small team of Canadian soldiers who would provide specialized tasks including assisting in the Investigation of War Crimes.  


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