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Without Wings...
Without Wings, my life and I would still be locked into the same depression and anxiety rhythmic cycles that I have found myself locked into for over 25 years. Wings has been nothing more and nothing less, than a foundation to re-establish my life and health, both psychologically and physically

The Wings of Phoenix - Who We Are

The Wings of Phoenix Association is a registered charity based in the National Capital Region. The charity was founded in 2001 by Glennis Easey and Dr. Pierre Turgeon, and is dedicated to providing team based brain injury rehabilitation for persons with an acquired brain injury (sports related injury, fall, stroke, aneurysm, anoxia, etc). When Glennis’ husband, Robin, a former Ottawa police officer, was shot in the head in September 1984, Glennis and Dr. Turgeon, who had been a key element during Robin’s journey after head injury, chose to dedicate a huge part of their professional lives to helping others who have sustained injuries to the brain.

The Wings of Phoenix Association is unique in that it is the only registered charity in the Ottawa area providing brain injury rehabilitation to individuals and their families who otherwise are unable to access treatment. Treatment costs continue to rise, and can be prohibitively expensive. While some individuals have coverage through their automobile or health insurance plans, many are left without any reasonable access to the physical, psychological and vocational rehabilitation so critical to their rehabilitation. The Wings of Phoenix Association is helping to provide rehabilitation services to individuals who do not have the financial means necessary to access this crucial support.

Optimizing recovery following a brain injury requires the assistance of many specialized healthcare professionals. Services are available in both official languages and are customized according to the needs of individuals and their families. They may include individual and family counselling, speech and language therapy, cognitive and functional occupational therapy and group psychotherapy. Wings of Phoenix clients also have access to the functional activity program at Creative Hands.

Fundraising activities are essential because the demand for the services of The Wings of Phoenix Association far exceeds its capacity to deliver. With your help, Wings can provide all clients who walk through our doors with individual treatment programs, a crucial step necessary for them to take so that they are able to maximize their recoveries.